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Guess what…?

I was nominated for best costume designer for All Shook Up! I am beyond shocked and amazed, thank you to every one for all of your support throughout my journey. Please take a few minutes out of your day and vote for me!

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Rules for strikes

I recently discovered that strike means different things to different theaters and does not have a universal list of priorities. Standard 'to-dos' are: An entire set has to be disassembled and a new set has to be reassembled (although this second part can take a few weekends), Costumes have to be laundered, Props organized and… Continue reading Rules for strikes

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When you can’t dress them

When you can't dress them... Do you let them go on stage naked or whatever they want to wear? Sometimes, you have to let things go. I have tried many times to have actors wear wigs, different make up and jewelry, and not wear a beanie (a type of hat) or certain type of jacket.… Continue reading When you can’t dress them

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Bias Decision-making

This was not a planned piece and it's going to be a bit rough because I've only had a few hours to decide what to write. As you may be aware, I've had several things cooking in the books recently.  Costuming. Makeuping. Planning to Director 2018-2019. Graduate school. Next career step (which is going better… Continue reading Bias Decision-making

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So.. this is kind of a funny story. Request to attend the auditions for The 1940s Radio Hour and observe the production staff through decision making I didn't *have* to request to attend auditions.  I attended auditions for this director last year for a production of Boys Next Door (which is another funny story I'll save… Continue reading Auditions