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Flexibility isn't just about stretching and preparing for an audition, rehearsal, or show. It can be about adjusting for the weather, taking feedback well (and rolling with it), and including new ideas freely and without guff. Sometimes you have to roll with the punches, other times you have to dole out the punches; such is… Continue reading Flexibility

Amalgamation of Life


This year I set a personal goal to read 100 books. I am eager and ready to read a book that isn't school related. However, I do have many books regarding project management on my docket. I didn't think I would consider a book on directing--frankly, I didn't even know there would be books for… Continue reading So…

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Rules for a production run

I'm going to make a short list and then offer some explanations and reasons after it. Review your roleKnow your call timePartner with your peersAsk questions before opening night For all of your rehearsal time, you have been inundated with cues and lines as well as (hopefully) supporting actors who help you when you struggle,… Continue reading Rules for a production run

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When will this be a show?

I had a question I asked myself many moons ago, a question I didn't have an answer to at the time. "When will this be a show?" I asked myself this question after I was selected to direct it but before I started planning the entire process. Or, at least, the entire process as I… Continue reading When will this be a show?