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The review is in!…(yes, again)

What? I saw a lot of movies over the Christmas break. I deserved it. Remember my realignment post? And I've still had time to write these blogs, so take that judgers! This time I'll be focusing on... Mary Poppins Returns Get ready for spoilers.Just so you guys know, I do try my best to write these reviews… Continue reading The review is in!…(yes, again)

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The review is in!…

Aquaman Spoilers are going to run rampant through this post but I literally don't think I could avoid it if I could try.. and I won't because this movie is just too good to keep to myself. ... Waiting for every one to leave if they don't want spoilers. Okay, let's get into it.I'd like… Continue reading The review is in!…

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Movies, why?

You might be asking yourself "why does she write so often about movies?" That's not the reason why she created this blog. To me, there are few differences-- "...In film, you are acting in front of a camera, and you need to speak in a normal voice. And onstage, you are in a sort of… Continue reading Movies, why?

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Movie Reviews

I am going into unchartered territory to discuss the validity of a concept. A repeated concept, I should say. I am going to review a franchise of work based on it's most recent iteration of the Jurassic Park series, specifically Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I'd like to point out that I could also write this… Continue reading Movie Reviews

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My review is in!

Mamma Mia! It's hard for me to be critical of one of my most beloved, familiar, and well wrought shows turned movies. Especially when some of my favorite actresses and actors are in the production. How am I supposed to write without bias? Meryl Streep is my queen and I bow down willingly to her.… Continue reading My review is in!