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I’ve been thinking…

I've been having these moments where I shift back and stop to think for a minute, "how did I come to that decision?" Or, "was that the best decision to make?" It's a bit alarming. You know you did well, every one has clothes and every one has been taking care of things pretty well… Continue reading I’ve been thinking…

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Why do I like costuming?

I am often asked why, starting approximately two years ago, I switched from being on the stage to being backstage--in short, why do I like costuming actors? It's kind of simple: I like to play dress up, and costuming is simply grown up dress up. It's not much different from why I like acting. As an… Continue reading Why do I like costuming?

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Movie Reviews

I am going into unchartered territory to discuss the validity of a concept. A repeated concept, I should say. I am going to review a franchise of work based on it's most recent iteration of the Jurassic Park series, specifically Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I'd like to point out that I could also write this… Continue reading Movie Reviews

Amalgamation of Life, Costume Designer

About last night…

Curtains! finally opened. The gang is dressed. Only a few minor costume breaks/mistakes were made, none that were noticeable to the untrained eye. I am floored with the amount of work that I accomplished and proud of what it looks like on stage. No matter how prepared and how well things went during tech week,… Continue reading About last night…

Amalgamation of Life, Costume Designer

When you can’t dress them

When you can't dress them... Do you let them go on stage naked or whatever they want to wear? Sometimes, you have to let things go. I have tried many times to have actors wear wigs, different make up and jewelry, and not wear a beanie (a type of hat) or certain type of jacket.… Continue reading When you can’t dress them