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A look ahead

So I've kind of done this one? Plan next trip with my two sets of girlfriends, plan first solo trip, plan next Disney trip with family and/or friends Let me break down my friend groups for you: Kristin & Becky........................................................Christa, Nicole & Liz I've gone to Disney with Kristin and Becky, twice; once with Christa.… Continue reading A look ahead

Amalgamation of Life

Mental Health III

Check in on mental health via a) yoga, b) journal-like entry on this blog, c) running capabilities This one has actually been a success - I have been running 3-4 times a week and I completed a 5K a few Mondays ago. A Monday, you say? Yes, god help I did say on a Monday.… Continue reading Mental Health III

Amalgamation of Life

Exert Yourself

So I am not personally mad at my soul or heart for this intention, but my body is most certainly angry at me for this attempt. Consistently run three to four times a week -- do not allow yourself to get upset if you don't meet this goal (5K on September 11th)(8K on September 16th)… Continue reading Exert Yourself

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I forgot to add ‘singer’…

Sign up for voice lessons with Melisse, the classically trained opera singer It literally took 24 days to schedule a lesson with Melisse. She is a hard woman to pin down and I am often distracted easily and quickly. It's kind of terrible but we finally figured it out. I am excited to say the… Continue reading I forgot to add ‘singer’…

Amalgamation of Life

Mental Health I

This one has not been working out for me as much as I had hoped. Check in on mental health via a) yoga I should be better at taking care of myself but I cannot bring myself to take another yoga class. ¬†I cancelled the last two classes I signed up for. ¬†Honestly, I don't… Continue reading Mental Health I