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Bending genders? What are the rules and regulations? I make them up as I go... I've been faced with some hard questions and realizations when it comes to Forum. It's a male heavy show but I picked it and I *thought* I could get away with reversing genders on all of the roles. I'm… Continue reading Bending

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I’ve been thinking…

I've been having these moments where I shift back and stop to think for a minute, "how did I come to that decision?" Or, "was that the best decision to make?" It's a bit alarming. You know you did well, every one has clothes and every one has been taking care of things pretty well… Continue reading I’ve been thinking…

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Strategy for the 2018-2019 Season

I wish I had remembered sooner that I drafted this blog post before August.. especially, before the end of August. I should have had a strategy built for this season prior to auditioning, casting, and planning for All Shook Up. But(!), I do have a plan and I am excited to share it with you… Continue reading Strategy for the 2018-2019 Season

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Ensemble Actors

Ensemble actors--how do you make them pop while not distracting from the story? It can be hard reining people in from showcasing their exuberance and personality on the stage. I can speak to this directly concerning the work I've been doing on All Shook Up. Actors, myself included, have to be reminded that while you… Continue reading Ensemble Actors

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How did I pick? Part II

How did I pick a production staff? It wasn't easy, I really didn't know where to go aside from my close knit group of friends. Was there any body else? Sure, but did I trust them? Frankly, no, I did not. I trust my friends with any of my personal possessions and even myself (when… Continue reading How did I pick? Part II